Explore the Region

You never know what you’ll find in Southwest Wisconsin. While we do have a bit of elbow room, we have people defining their own successes every day in the great Midwest. Whether you’re here to visit local breweries, pop-in to one of our festivals, or indulge in a plate of deep-fried cheese curds, we’ve got a little bit of everything and in some of the most unexpected places.

Below are a few hacks to the region and only a couple of the reasons why the Southwest Wisconsin Region is so worth exploring. Go ahead, grab a hat, and let’s explore the region.

We Have a Festival for Just About Everything

We have some unusual festivals in Wisconsin, and the Southwestern region is no exception. No matter the season or the reason, there is likely to be something to celebrate.

Join us as we light the sky with air balloons during the Monroe Balloon Rally and Blues Festival, or for the Gays Mills Apple Festival where the community celebrates the apple harvesting season with a giant flea market, parades, food stands, and of course—apples.

We have a few “cheesy" festivals as well. Join the quest to find the best grilled cheese at the Annual Wisconsin Gilled Cheese Championship in the City of Dodgeville, or for a mega festival of cheese passion, we’ll see you in Monroe for their annual Cheese Days festival where Swiss heritage runs rampant and there is a LOT of fine cheese and beer.