Article from by Bennet Goldstein January 29, 2022.

Image by Dave Kettering

KIELER, Wis. — A Kieler developer and his business partners have invested more than $5 million to assemble a massive spec building in the Kieler Industrial Park.
Jeff Kaiser considers it his mission to recruit a new business to occupy the 100,000-square-foot structure and then proceed to construct an additional one.
“I just knew when I bought it, there was super potential here,” he said of the park.
Jeff Kaiser purchased the 38-acre property that forms the industrial park five years ago. He holds the option to purchase another 150 acres and envisions developing the entire space.

The new building — which was developed by Jeff; his son, Corey Kaiser; and two additional business partners, George Murphy and Kevin McDonnell — is formed by 38-foot-tall walls of precast concrete.
“These things are bulletproof,” Jeff said.
With loading docks already installed, the building would be well-suited for manufacturing or warehousing, Jeff said, and the shell is large enough to install a second story that could house administrative offices. The building also is expandable to 150,000 square feet.
Corey said its Kieler location is ideal, as it forms a “middle ground” among Dubuque; Galena, Ill.; and Platteville, Wis., and is close enough to commute to work.
Jeff hopes to rent or sell the facility but has not located a tenant yet. He said he has been approached by more than five interested parties but declined to disclose their names. Jeff anticipates finalizing a deal by the end of February or early March.
The developers advertised the facility by word of mouth and by using a banner that hangs on the building’s side, visible from U.S. 151.
“All those semis going by … are going to and from somewhere,” Corey said. “Whether it’s warehousing or freighting, all those guys work for some company that could possibly use this.”
Murphy Construction Group, of Dubuque, served as the project manager, and work wrapped up in December.
Jeff sees the site as symbiotic with his housing development located down the road. Parkside Estates opened about three years ago, and within the past 11/2 years, 32 residences were erected and are now occupied.

The development includes 80 lots for single-family homes and 42 for duplexes.
“Progress is a win-win for communities — for everybody,” Jeff said.
Grant County Supervisor Porter Wagner, whose district encompasses Kieler, said he backs the latest project “100%.”
“Businesses are great for everybody. It’s a trickle-down thing,” he said. “When you get a business in, you need employees. They have to buy groceries. They have to buy liquor. They have to buy anything. … That’s what keeps your economy going.”


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