Southwest Wisconsin Demographics

This region, which is the birthplace of Frank Lloyd Wright, is known for its unique geography of hills and valleys with the Mississippi River on the western boundary and the Wisconsin River cutting through our northern half.

This region is viewed as one of the most diverse agricultural regions in the country. With the wide variety of agricultural crops grown and the added-value dimension, this region has a long history of agriculture that pre-dates the designation of Wisconsin as a state. Southwest Wisconsin is the highest producing region in Wisconsin of beef cattle, swine, dairy goats, apples, corn, soybeans and specialty cheese production. We also produce a large volume of fish, grapes, nuts and alfalfa. We have many orchards and vineyards.

There is also a very strong organic farming industry here, with Organic Valley, the largest organic food cooperative in the country, located just north of our region.

  • Approximately 210,000 people live in our region that encompasses 4,288 square miles. The low population density serves as an oasis from the nearby metro areas featuring room to explore and expand.
  • 21,000 students are enrolled in the universities and college systems in the region. Fields of expertise include Engineering, Agriculture, STEM, Forensic Science, Plastics, Nanotechnology, Environmental Science, Healthcare, Industrial and Trade occupations.
  • 17 developed industry parks, 7 of which are directly served by rail. Over 400 acres of land is available in our industry parks, the majority is shovel-ready.
  • Barge access on the Mississippi River, including direct rail service to barge access.
  • 45 minutes from the Rockford RFD, which is a Top 25 U.S. Cargo Airport, and RFD is a U.S. Customs Port of Entry.
  • 4-lane U.S. Highway serves the region, close proximity to Interstate Highways.
  • 10G Fiber Optic Network
  • The median price of homes sold in 2011 was below $100,000.
  • The K-12 schools in our region have an average graduation rate of 96%, and ACT and SAT scores above the national average.

Southwest Wisconsin is a well-positioned, lower cost location, with highway, rail and barge access, and has the foundation of a well-educated, quality labor force that businesses need to be competitive.


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