Southwest Wisconsin Agriculture

Corn fieldSouthwest Wisconsin is one of the most diverse agricultural regions in North America.

In the state of Wisconsin, the southwest region produces the most beef cattle, swine, dairy goats and has the most land in farms.  It is also a primary component to Wisconsin’s dairy industry, with a predominant amount of Wisconsin’s specialty, artisan, and commodity cheeses produced in this region.

Southwest Wisconsin agriculture is a leader in corn and soybean production. The region also has numerous apple orchards, vineyards, and is a leader in organic produce and crop production. Several corn and soybean seed production facilities are located here. Agriculture businesses in southwest Wisconsin utilize the rail, highway and barge access system to transport our crops and products to anywhere in the world.

Prosperity Southwest Wisconsin has the economic development resources needed to establish or relocate your agriculture business in the area. With strong commodity production and infrastructures already in place, we are ready to help the Wisconsin agriculture industry grow.

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